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04 Jun 2020
Erasmus+ Goes Digital

Erasmus+As you may be aware, St George’s was successful in bidding for a grant to carry out an Erasmus+ project. With the title Community and Culture our project will enable us to work with partner schools in Austria and Italy over a two-year period.  

The project aims to develop a deeper and more meaningful appreciation of one’s own culture and to overcome stereotypical ideas and foster a deeper and more meaningful appreciation of other cultures (Italian and Austrian). It is hoped the project will be a whole school project and different year groups will have presentations and assemblies and participate in a range of activities over the course of the programme.

28 students in Upper 4 were selected after a competitive application process to form our core Erasmus+ Group. These students attend weekly meetings and have been working hard to improve their understanding of culture before they disseminate their learning. These students will also have the opportunity to travel on one of the international visits (to Italy and Austria) as well as spending time with students from our partner schools who will visit St George’s.

As with all international travel, our visits have had to be rescheduled and our weekly meetings have moved onto Microsoft Teams, but we’ve managed to keep going as can be seen from Judy’s account of Erasmus so far:

"As part of the Erasmus team, I must say that I (and I'm sure everyone else) have learned so much about different stereotypes not only in Scotland but in the two other countries we have been working with: Austria and Italy. It’s been really interesting learning more than the obvious about these countries and I now feel like I have a much better overview of the stereotypes and even the traditional lifestyles and ways of living.

One of the activities that we did was in small groups we researched different stereotypes of the country we were given from the three [ Scotland, Austria and Italy]. We then presented our findings with a videoed drama sketch to show the stereotypes from the country we got assigned. It was a very fun way to learn about the stereotypes and we all enjoyed it a lot. We even brought props and costumes and the groups were so creative - from acting out the country’s main sport on the pitches to being in a café serving food from the country, it was very fun! We’re looking forward to finishing the editing of the video when we’re back in school and I like the idea of showing our videos to our partner schools and seeing their reaction.

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 we weren't able to continue meeting face to face but we didn’t let that stop us from communicating. We still had Microsoft Team calls as a group so that we could still do our activities. Something we got assigned to do from home, which was actually really fun, was in small groups, we have had to plan an online activity for the rest of the group to teach them about one aspect (of our choice!) of Scottish culture. Each group has been presenting their activity each week and it has been a really nice thing to look forward to each Tuesday/Wednesday. Activities have included online quizzes, pretending to be MPs, and most recently going on a virtual bus tour around Scotland. We have all really enjoyed this!

Something we are all really looking forward to is being able to meet the students from the partner countries when they visit Edinburgh. We are extremely excited to be able to visit their countries as well!"

Judy (Upper 4)


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