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05 Jun 2020
Primary 1’s Butterflies Have Flown

At the end of March, the Primary 1 class received a special pot! In the pot were some tiny dark brown caterpillars and some special food for them to eat. This year, instead of keeping them in the classroom, the caterpillars were kept in Mrs Adams’s house. 

Each day at the class call, the Primary 1 girls kept a watchful eye on their development and transformation from the safety of their own homes. After a while, the caterpillars attached to the lid of the pot and turned into chrysalides. They hung there waiting for another transformation to take place. Soon Mrs Adams moved the chrysalides into the special butterfly habitat. Finally, some beautiful painted lady butterflies emerged! This transformation is called metamorphosis. Mrs Adams provided them with fruit and homemade nectar (sugar and water) to eat and she had to wait at least two hours for their wings to dry before she could release them. 

Enjoy the video of the moment she released the beautiful butterflies!


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