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10 Jun 2020
U6 Project: Perspectives on the Pandemic

Virus SSeveral Upper Sixth students have been working on the U6 Project: Perspectives on the Pandemic, where we study the pandemic through the lens of the subject we are going to study at university. Below are some examples of what we have investigating:


I originally started researching how medical physics is being utilised for detecting and helping to find a cure for COVID-19 but I hit a research wall. So, after watching the Space X launch on 3rd June I decided to investigate the methods they used to stop the spread of coronavirus onto the International Space Station.


I’m doing my project on how COVID-19 had impacted crime and prisons. I chose to do it on this topic as I am going to be studying criminology and sociology at university. It focuses on the positive and negative impact on crime rates in the UK and then how prisons have had to adapt to social distancing. It also looks at how prison has adapted in other countries where the number of COVID-19 infections are higher or lower.


I decided to write a piece on past pandemics, I've always had an interest in major events which have changed history in one way or another. I figured that it was a good thing to write about as well because my university course is in social sciences and it seems likely that COVID-19 is going to have an effect on it in the future so therefore it seemed fitting. I have mainly been focused on the plague, the smallpox epidemic which destroyed the Aztec community, the Spanish flu and HIV/AIDS and a little on COVID. I thought it would be straight forward when I started my research, but it turned out a little bit different. This is due to falling a large rabbit hole where it started to make me think about our emotions and reactions to these infectious illnesses and the effects that it has on us. If I've learnt anything from writing this, it would be that although we are vastly different in our world from our ancestors, but our pure emotions and reactions seem to be the same throughout history.


The curve of the coronavirus spread had been shown since the beginning of the pandemic, but how is it made and how is it used? These are a few of the questions I am aiming to answer by looking at mathematical models used to monitor and track the spread of coronavirus. I have looked at the first mathematical model created during the smallpox epidemic by Daniel Bernoulli and the mathematical equations that composed it as well as the models used for other epidemics.


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