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16 Jun 2020
Upper 6 Leavers' Fortnight

US PupilsMonday 

Monday launched the start of Leavers' Fortnight for the Upper 6s. Although activities are online it is an action-packed programme with lots of fun things for us all do.

Every day we have a Taskmaster Challenge. Today's was to 'do the most amazing thing with one hand on your hip'. Hannah was clearly the winner by doing impressive one-handed press-ups!  

Mrs Mushat hosted a talk on top tips for getting a good deal, from travel to shopping, setting up student bank accounts and to how to save money on a university budget. We found this talk extremely useful and took away a lot of useful hints and tips.  

In the afternoon we listened to Alastair Drummond from DLA Piper, who gave us advice on interview skills and described the recruitment process for the solicitor graduate programme for law graduates. 



Tuesday’s Taskmaster Challenge was to 'sing with your mouth full of water'. Again Hannah excelled by sharing her rendition of ‘Under the Sea’. 

The afternoon’s activity was an 'Origami Allsorts' session held by Mrs Bryce. Emma was one of the many students who enjoyed this activity and gave this summary of the session: 

“In the origami session, we learnt how to reuse and recycle scrap paper, post-it notes and plastic bags to make new shapes. First, we practised folding plastic bags so that they would take up less space when taking them to do our student shopping, which will be very useful next year! We also learnt how to fold napkins into shapes such as a bishop's hat and a miniature Sydney Opera House. Finally, we made miniature butterflies and baskets out of scrap paper and post-it notes. It was great fun!” 



Wednesday’s Taskmaster Challenge was ‘Looking cool in slo-mo style’, and there were several entries for this challenge. Tyler flipped a pancake with expert skill, Hannah knocked over a Jenga tower and Flora looked very cool (in sunglasses!) with a small flame in slo-mo.  

Helena was one of the many attendees at the Singalong with Mrs Bryce on Wednesday morning and wrote the following about it: 

“The U6 leavers' got together via Teams to take a trip down memory lane and sing all our old favourite Junior School hymns. From ‘Who Put the Colours in the Rainbow?’ to ‘The Butterfly Song’, these hymns brought a sense of nostalgia and fun to all involved. Personally, it was great to revisit hymns that I hadn’t heard or even thought about, in some cases in a very long time. All the words came rushing back along with the feelings of excitement and joy that came with singing these hymns as a young child. In those moments I was brought right back to Junior school assemblies on a Friday in the Futures Room when our parents were present. Reliving these experiences was the perfect respite from the stress and anxieties that I, along with many leavers', am currently experiencing. It was a great time and I could only wish that it lasted longer.”

Mrs Hems and Mrs McInally also enjoyed singing along!



Thursday’s Taskmaster Challenge was to write a two-sentence horror story in 10 minutes, and there were several great entries including Flora’s which read: '1% battery. No charger', a fear we have all gone through! Miss Lancaster taught us about Botanical Gardening, showed us her garden and taught us how to grow food indoors and Ms Rodger led an hour of Mindfulness and gave us strategies to keep calm, which will definitely be helpful in the future. 



The Taskmaster Challenge for Friday was to demonstrate the most extreme housework. Entries included dusting whilst on a pogo stick! The morning’s activities included sharing and listening to stories hosted by Mrs Hall, who kept us entertained with stories from our childhood.  

In the afternoon we played Bingo!  This began by inventing our bingo-granny names and Mrs Nicol was very impressive in her knowledge of bingo calls. There were several winners and we all treated ourselves to a mixture of sweets and chocolates at the end of each round. It was a great way to end the first week of Leavers' Fortnight.  

We have begun filming the end of year Revue and our Senior Prefect, Saff has worked really hard to organise and write it. We can’t wait to watch it at the end of next week!


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