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18 Jun 2020
U6 Guest Speaker - Jane Turton

InterviewJane Turton, CEO for All3media, was our guest speaker on Monday 15 June. She started by her telling us how she got into the media industry. Outlining her career, she described how she went from university into the printing industry, then onto a postgraduate degree, leading her to working in business roles which ultimately led her into the media industry. She emphasised that your first job or even the first sector you work in may not be where you thrive and she explained the value of finding the right job for you, for example she is very people driven, as is the media industry, so it was a perfect fit for her.

Jane explained how she uses her business knowledge to see media as a variety of products which have their own unique business needs, this then informs her investment decisions allowing those creating the products the opportunity to take informed risks.

She spoke about interview preparation and outlined the importance of not only researching the company but also talking to other people in the industry. She said that passion and energy really show through in the interviews too, and so it is very important to work out what you like, find a job that would suit you and when you find it, push for it!

Finally she answered questions about internships in media. She explained the main types of internships - either working for a big group to gain multi-discipline experience, or going into one show as a runner and learning about all the different components needed to make a show.

Jane was joined by Charlie Cooper, who left St George’s two years ago to begin her degree in media studies. Charlie spoke about how to get experience into your CV and the importance of showing initiative by finding work and involvement in the sector, including her experience as a runner.

We are very thankful to both Jane and Charlie for taking the time to speak to us, we all learnt a great deal from them.

Joanna (PR Prefect)


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