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25 Jun 2020
Scottish Culture Week

Scottish CultureScottish culture week was amazing as it was packed full of fun and exciting activities that I loved taking part in, giving you a wide range of choices to fit your interest. I liked how the choices were bespoke which made the activities even more fun and the range was very vast. The teachers were also extremely helpful which made the experience and learning smoother and easier. I think the whole week was very beneficial and also casts thought-provoking questions, causing you to gain interest and dive deeper into Scottish culture.

Scottish CultureI never really liked looking and learning about the history behind Scotland because I thought there was not much to learn, and you cannot delve into the depths and understand the true history. But I was really taken aback when I realised there is more to the culture of Scotland then first meets the eye.

Out of 10 enjoyable tasks, you were to pick 6 and amongst these a highlight was The Great Scottish Bake Off. It was a clear example of a pleasurable activity that was very appetising! I also really loved Made in Scotland because it taught me about things I had an interest in but had never explored in so much detail. It included creating an exhibition about a Scottish inventor that was fun and very entertaining. Those two were my favourite but of course the list goes on; ranging from poetry to baking to sports, it truly was an epic way to spend the week but still be learning about our beautiful country’s culture.

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