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09 Sep 2020
Our First Week back in Primary 4

P4Week1The P4's have settled into the new class routines well and are working through our curriculum. We have successfully negotiated our way through the new challenges of organising our cloakroom, looking after our possessions and being ready to learn each day. We have enjoyed some revision in Mathematics, learning our new spelling sounds and words for our check-up on a Friday and begun to look at some new grammar. Reading and comprehension have begun and the most recent weather has meant we have been able to enjoy our PE outdoors. Hockey club starts today!

Here are some quotes from our P4 girls:

Everything has been good!

I have enjoyed Maths because I really enjoyed doing the number activities and it is fun.

Drama with Mrs Heather-Hays is great because we got to play out stories.

Making new friends and playing the dice game in Maths.

I have enjoyed learning about Moses and the story of the Pharaoh in Egypt in RME.

Using the computers in ICT and writing about our holidays has been good fun.

I have enjoyed doing PE out in the sunshine and playing tennis.

Making new friends and playing Music with Mrs Morrison and playing on the xylophones.


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