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09 Sep 2020
BYOD at St George’s

BYODWe have been delighted with the positive response towards our BYOD policy this session. In the Upper School, particularly – where students from Lower 5 upwards were strongly encouraged to bring in their own devices – students have embraced the opportunities afforded by the use of technology in classrooms.

Safety is one big benefit. While paper resources remain useful in some scenarios, most handouts can be distributed electronically, either shared via Teams and SharePoint, or by inclusion in a OneNote Class Notebook. Taking in students’ work can be just as seamless: not only can students type answers into OneNote, handwritten responses can be instantly inserted into a OneNote page, allowing teachers to mark work without having to collect in, then quarantine jotters.

BYODWhat’s more, teachers are beginning to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by marking within OneNote and Teams, including the insertion of audio feedback. This allows students to listen to their teachers’ voices, and replay their feedback as often as they like. As well as avoiding any issues with hard to decipher handwriting – which has certainly been an issue for some of my poor students! – it unlocks the nuances of their teachers’ voices. Clear, direct, verbal feedback is often more effective for students; technology can preserve that for students, ensuring valuable feedback isn’t lost to the maelstrom of busy days, full timetables and tired minds.

As eLearning coordinator, it has been enormously gratifying seeing staff and students alike embracing the opportunities, and weathering the challenges together, with a positive outlook. There will be teething troubles – of course – but I am proud of how the girls have risen to these challenges, seeking solutions, not problems. I’ve learned a thing or two about problem-solving from them myself!

BYODWe will continue to explore the many benefits of using technology to support and enhance learning in the classroom and at home over the coming months and years. In addition to sharing some of our innovations via eNews and PTF, from time to time I will share updates and advice via Schoolpost. Also, you can follow me on Twitter (@stgeOnline) for regular updates on eLearning.

Andrew Leask (e-Learning Coordinator)


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