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07 Oct 2020
Primary 5 Trip to Scald Law

ScaldLawLast Thursday, the P5 girls climbed the highest peak in the Pentland Hills - Scald Law. Here is what some of the girls had to say about their trip:

"When we arrived, we all couldn't wait to start walking. It was a very long walk, but we stopped a few times to have a snack and lunch. We were sure to keep our rubbish to help keep the environment clean." Elodie

"When we got to the top, we felt so ecstatic, like we were going to burst with excitement!" Megan

"My favourite part was when I did my assigned job, which was a botanist. It was my job to study the plants and I had a tick sheet to help me. It was so much fun!" Sophie

"I loved hearing all the birds singing when we first arrived. We also saw a waterfall; it was absolutely beautiful!" Imogen

"I loved being able to climb to the top with all of my friends. It was hard but so much fun too!" Charlotte

"When we reached the top, we all touched the concrete block and got a group photo. The way down was so steep!" Bonnie


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