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11 Nov 2020
Lower 4 Mandarin

L4ChineseIn Lower 4 (S1) at St Georges, you have the opportunity to learn a variety of different languages such as French, Mandarin, German, Spanish, and Latin. This is great because you get a choice of two and they are very fun!  

In class we have been learning a lot of Chinese symbols and numbers. Even during these difficult times with Coronavirus, we were still able to go outside and do a variety of different activities. We really enjoy the Chinese classes with Ms. Tsai because we learn so many things in very fun ways! We also have a Chinese assistant who helps us during class, and she is very kind. 

L4ChineseLast week, in class we did some Kung Fu and learned some of the moves which was great fun and it also helped us practice the Chinese numbers. Another thing we learned, was how to use and hold chopsticks. They are quite hard to use, but in the end we all managed to work it out!  

After that we were put into teams and did a treasure hunt. Ms. Tsai drew a Chinese symbol and we had to go and find a card which had the same symbol which was somewhere in the sports pitch. Overall, the team who had found the most cards won, and it was very exciting.  

Chinese is amazing and I am very happy to have picked it as one of the languages that I am learning! 

Vittoria  (Lower 4)


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