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13 Nov 2020
U6 Enrichment Programme: Individual Impact

InterviewThis week in Enrichment, we were lucky enough to listen to Lorna Hudson’s presentation about interview skills for university and future jobs.

We learned that first impressions in interviews are vitally important. We heard that we create impressions about people in just one-tenth of a second! We also learned that we tend to judge ourselves by our intentions, but we are in fact judged on our impact by others. We also notice different things when someone is speaking, and for a successful interview, it is important to be in the appropriate attire, have strong communication skills, and project confident body language.

When considering how you look in an interview, we learned to think about what the desired impact is and how you can relay this in your appearance. You should consider your role models and feel comfortable in how you look.

Face-to-face speaking allows for a much lower scope for misunderstanding compared to communication methods such as email, which emphasises the importance of body language and surrounding contextual information in an interview. We were also told that it is very important to be sure about what you say. Using words like ‘quite’, ‘probably’ and ‘almost’ imply uncertainty, which may not give a great impression. Lastly, articulation, projection, and the pace of your voice are very important to sound confident.

With regards to body language, we learned that four times more credibility is given to non-verbal signals compared to verbal signals – so, however good your CV or application may be, it is vital to present yourself well at an interview and behave in an appropriate way to make the best impression. There are more limitations when doing online interviews. It is a good idea to practise online calls, make sure the camera is on and you are sitting with a simple, well-lit background.

Finally, building relationships and networks is very helpful to develop communication skills and opportunities for future career pathways.

We are very grateful to Lorna Hudson for taking the time to talk to us over Teams and for sharing a very helpful and engaging presentation which will definitely help us with upcoming and future interviews.

Teddy (PR Prefect)


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