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26 Nov 2020
U6 Enrichment Programme: Apprenticeships

In this week’s Enrichment Programme, we had a Teams talk by Investment20/20 about apprenticeships as an alternative career pathway.

We heard about the firms Investment20/20 works with and the roles you may have as an apprentice. We also watched a video about the experiences of some apprentices at M&G and learned that apprenticeships are a really good option if you want to train on the job and enter the world of work straight after school. Apprenticeships are also a great way to try something out before deciding which career you want to pursue. Then we heard from two current apprentices about their journey, how they found out about the opportunity, what to expect at an interview, and how they balance work and study.

We all appreciated this first-hand insight into an increasingly popular career pathway. The Investment20/20 spokesperson included a slide with lots of useful links for anyone interested in exploring these options further.

To end the talk, we had time to ask questions. It was a really informative talk, and I am sure it has opened up options for my peers that perhaps they were not previously considering.

Teddy (PR Prefect)


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