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04 Dec 2020
Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

YPILogoThis autumn term the Lower 5 year group have taken part in YPI. Fifteen groups each created a presentation to raise awareness of the work of their chosen charity and win them £3000.

Four teams were chosen for the final:

ECAS - Friendly and practical help for people with physical disability.

Ravelrig RDA - Riding for the Disabled Association incorporating Carriage Driving.

Refugee Sponsorship Circle - Organising safe pathways for families fleeing conflict zones and welcoming them into our community.

Sporting Start - A Charity in Memory of Martin Macari an inspirational and talented sportsman whose life was cut short by cancer aged 47.

The winners were Ravelrig RDA (Riding for the Disabled). Well done! The groups involved gave their thoughts on taking part in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative:

During our journey, the Youth Philanthropy Initiative has taught us many things. We learned to create an effective presentation and video and were able to improve our public speaking and time management. We were able to come together as a group to try to help a charity that we felt strongly about, who we intend to stay in touch with and volunteer at. However, more importantly, it taught us about all the people around us that live a very different life.

We were able to see how charities are vital to their communities and it helped us to see that we should feel grateful for the life we have. The Ravelrig RDA were overjoyed to receive the money and we realised how these things make such a big difference to the charity and its local community. This project has taught us so much about coming together as a team to support others and it is something that we are all very proud to have taken part in.


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