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18 Feb 2021
Preventing Mental Health Problems in Children: Webinar with Dr Aric Sigman

Thursday 25 February 7 - 8 pm
Platform Microsoft Teams - link via Schoolpost
Open to all Parents and Staff of St George's


Dr SigmanSt George's will be running a live webinar on Thursday 25th of February with a presentation from Dr Aric Sigman. The theme of the presentation will be Preventing Mental Health Problems in Children.

The talk will spell out practical and achievable yet under-acknowledged steps that parents, schools and pupils can take to strengthen children’s mental health and resilience, and reduce the risk of mental health problems developing. With attention currently focusing on raising awareness of, identifying and treating children with mental health problems once they arise, there is little attention on preventing mental health problems arising. While a child’s life and family circumstances as well as genes are obvious factors influencing their mental health, there are additional lifestyle and family factors that we do have some control over and that can make an enormous difference to a child’s mental wellbeing.

Dr Aric Sigman is the co-author of three recent All-Party Parliamentary Group reports on childhood mental health. He publishes medical papers and travels abroad frequently to study child wellbeing and development. He has many years' experience in delivering engaging and informative talks to students and parents alike, covering a wide range of Personal Social and Health Education topics. Dr Sigman's background is in Psychology, Neuroscience and is also a Chartered Biologist.

There will be a chance to ask Dr Sigman questions by typing them into the Q & A box, a handout will be provided after the event containing the information that Dr Sigman presents.


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