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02 Mar 2021
U6 Enrichment Programme - 17 February 2021

U6Enrich17FebThis week’s Enrichment Programme was titled Wellbeing Wednesday and focused on how we can keep connected with each other in the Upper Sixth community.

Firstly, Sarah gave us all an overview of what was discussed at the Student Council meeting and some of the feedback she received from students throughout the school. The girls thought it would be helpful for teachers in each subject to set out which pieces of work will be used as evidence to set grades, and therefore what we should be prioritising. They realised that this would vary from subject to subject but having clear answers about what counts is important to the student body during such uncertain times.

In Student Council, it also became apparent that girls miss chatting to peers who are not in their immediate friendship group. The school appreciates the toll this is taking on students' mental health, and our Wellbeing Prefect, Eilidh, has come up with some creative ideas to help us stay connected. Eilidh would like to introduce a Wellbeing channel to the pastoral team in each year group, and the Upper Sixth year group is going to be the trial group. Her idea is for the channel to be quite general, with everyone getting involved and posting anything which they think helps their mental health and makes them happy. This can range from informative videos to quizzes, to baking recipes, to cute pictures of pets! She hopes this will encourage interaction between girls who don’t talk regularly and help to boost our sense of community.

Towards the end of the Teams call, there were lots of suggestions coming in from the girls, including yoga and meditation videos. A vote suggested that almost everyone thought the channel was a great idea!

Next week we look forward to learning about cooking on a student budget and how to manage student finances. Life after St George’s School for Girls is starting to feel quite real, but I’m confident we will be as prepared as possible by the time it arrives!

Teddy (PR Prefect)


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