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03 Mar 2021
Shree Bhagawati Basic School Fundraising - £1000 raised!

ShreeInfoI am pleased to let you know that we have sent our first £1000 to the school! This money will help to pay for a teacher for eight months. Prakash Gurung (Chairman) and Jap Prasad Gurung (Headteacher) send their thanks and appreciation to the St George’s community for the support they have received so far. This fantastic amount was raised by just 15 donations!

While our contribution is helpful, the school will remain in financial difficulty until the donations they receive from tourists and visitors to the region return in a post-Covid new normal.

The students who visited the school with me in 2019 produced an assembly this week to talk about their experience, I would like to thank Katie and Cara for creating the video to share awareness for the rest of the school. We are building a relationship between our two schools and St George’s would like to create a sustainable support system for this school for the future and I am hoping to take another group of students to visit the school and explore Nepal in 2023.

A small amount of money goes a long way in Nepal, £15 will buy a student two sets of school uniform for a year, £100 sponsors a student for a year (paying for their books, transport and examination fees), £135 pays a teacher wage for a month and £3000 would cover the cost to finish building the nursery building that we built the foundations for in 2019.

Some Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh participants have decided to fundraise for this cause for their volunteering section of the award and I will keep you posted about their progress.

If you would like to get involved in supporting Shree Bhagawati Basic School, you could donate via our JustGiving page or download the Easyfundraising app or create an account on your laptop and every time you shop online enter via the app/website and the businesses you buy from will donate on your behalf. The Easyfundraising website/app can be used to buy business equipment and stationery as well as shopping in favourite stores such as John Lewis, Amazon and can even be used for household bills and travel!


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