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15 Feb 2021
P6 India Topic

P6India sDuring this lockdown we have started a new topic about India and I have really found that interesting.

India has such beautiful word styles, all unique and very attractive. There has been group work going on within the past few weeks which has made me feel very much together as if we were in the same room. For Friday Activities, it has been the whole year group mixed and we have been given the task to present a weather forecast. At the start I was not quite sure if I could do it but later, after watching the most dramatic scene with a play led by Miss Hippisley, Mrs Sinclair and some sort of unknown camels, I felt confident enough and had no space for regret. We had been able to participate and have a chance to present ourselves with one another. There has been Anais and Eliza to brighten up the audience, Hannah and Rosslyn to talk about the last eight months of the year and as for me I’ll start the whole presentation off.

It has been so much fun working with the year group and there was a lovely surprise that was sent especially for us! We are now confident and ready for this presentation and we hope that everyone likes how we have put it. Thanks to everyone in my group, we have been able to finish just on time!

Zara (P6Q)


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