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31 Mar 2021
KM Challenge in Lower School

Earlier this term, the St George’s community competed against Merchiston pupils, staff and parents in the ‘Race to Paris’ Kilometre Challenge. Lower school pupils and their families made a strong contribution to our winning total. Some of the girls with the highest kilometre totals have spoken to us about the challenge and how they have been keeping active recently:

What did you do for the KM challenge vs Merchiston? And what have you done to keep active generally this lockdown?

LSKMchallenge 5 s“I ran by myself or with my dog and I walk with my family at lunchtime. During the Race to Paris, I challenged myself to run every day. I built up to 7km non-stop running which is my longest so far. I walk most mornings and do the live PE workouts too.” Scarlett (Remove)

“For the KM challenge against Merchiston, I mostly did cycling and running. I went out for runs with my mum or dad trying to build my distance or pace each time. I enjoyed doing cycling as well in the P.E time given or going in the morning or afternoon. We have a turbo trainer inside which means it’s super easy to get some KM’s logged and to stay active.

Throughout lockdown, I have been trying to build on my running as I normally just swim. But since swimming has been cancelled I have decided to work on running and add kilometres every week. My swimming coaches have been holding daily Zoom workout sessions. I have also enjoyed doing the PE ‘Workout of the Week’, these are really motivating.” Bella (Lower 4)

LSKMchallenge 4“For the KM Challenge I did a mixture of mainly running and walking with my sister. I found breaks at lunch and straight after school to try to fit in a quick walk or run. I enjoyed having the time to slowly work on the distance and meet my goals and targets. I have been keeping active during lockdown by doing challenges like this one and making use of our PE time in school to do the weekly workouts posted. My badminton club are holding workout sessions on Zoom regularly which helps keep in touch with my friends out of school whilst doing exercises that would benefit us back on court. Since Badminton has stopped, I have really gained from taking part in activities like running and working to reach my potential each time.” Deepti (Lower 4)

“I did lots of walking for the KM challenge. The time of the day would usually be at lunch time or in the evening. Usually, I never walk on my own I go with my family.” Naa (Lower 4)

“For the kilometre challenge I went on a dog walk each day after school with my dad. I also went on some cycles at the weekends with my parents and sometimes with my friends. I have also done a little bit of sea swimming, but I didn't go very far as it was so cold.” Caitlin (Remove)

LSKMchallenge 3 LS“I have been running and walking around Lower school with Darcey. I have also been cycling with my family over the weekend. To stay active during lockdown, I have been going outside regularly, playing with a football or a tennis ball. I have also been playing things on my Wii like table tennis. I usually go out for exercise during PE time or when it seems quite sunny.” Samanthi (Lower 4)

“During the Kilometre Challenge I walked my dog a lot around the neighbourhood and in parks my parents or sibling would usually come with me. I also went on lots of runs and cycles with my family which I really enjoyed.
During lockdown I have stayed active by going outside for runs, cycles and walks. I have also played a lot of rounders outside with my family, especially when it is warm.”  Amelia (Remove)

“For the KM challenge I did a mixture of cycling and walking with my family and usually at lunch time. During lockdown I have been walking the dogs a lot and when the snow was here, we were sledging and learning to ride my bike to school and back.” Annalise (Remove)

Well done everyone on a very successful Kilometre Challenge!


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