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31 Mar 2021
KM Challenge in Upper School

Earlier this term, the St George’s community competed against Merchiston pupils, staff and parents in the ‘Race to Paris’ Kilometre Challenge. The competition took place over 11 days and was fiercely contested! St George’s fell behind early on but fought back to claim the win by a narrow margin, a brilliant effort by all involved. Both communities together completed over 12000 kilometres, a stunning effort in such a short space of time.

Being physically active during this lockdown has been a challenge for many who have found their usual lifestyles and forms of exercise disrupted. We have spoken to a number of Upper School girls who made big contributions to the St George’s total in the KM challenge, to hear how they have been exercising and staying motivated this year!

What did you do for the KM challenge v Merchiston?

USKMChallenge s"For the KM challenge against Merchiston I mostly went on long walks, either with my family or just by myself - usually to large supermarkets or shopping parks, believe it or not! My initial motivation was to prove to myself and others that I wasn’t lazy, as I had been jokingly labelled this before by members of my family and wanted to show them that they were wrong. For the kilometre challenge however, all it took was one person from Merchiston telling me that they were going to win to get me out of my chair and into the walking world!" Saskia B (Upper 5)

"For the KM challenge v Merchiston I did a lot of running. Most of the time, I went after school to take a refreshing break from screens and the stresses of schoolwork! My brother and I often ran with each other to keep each other company and motivated. I enjoyed running all over Edinburgh - some of my favourite places being: Arthur’s Seat, Calton Hill, the Meadows, Portobello and Blackford Hill." Amy U (Lower 6)

"I did a mixture of cycling on a static bike, which I did in the evenings. I ran 5km’s during lunchtime and lots of walking around Edinburgh with friends and family during the weekend." Grace G (Lower 6)

USKMChallenge 3 s"For the KM challenge v Merchiston I mainly ran and walked, cycling occasionally. I have liked dog-walking with my friends: it’s a great way to catch up with people whilst in lockdown and always raises my spirits." Georgie M (Upper 6)

"For the KM challenge against Merchiston I primarily ran, as I run every morning. I also did some walks with friends as I have found that during this lockdown walking has been a great way to socialise. I love getting out into the fresh air so running before school has proved a great way for me to clear my mind as well as wake myself up in the morning. Before lockdown I hated running but as the gyms closed and group exercise stopped I decided it was time to once again try running. I now absolutely love it and will definitely continue to run. I personally find it very hard to motivate myself to do home workouts but I have been doing the live fitness sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays with my sisters. I definitely need peer support to get me going!" Rebecca B (Upper 6)

What have you been doing to stay active over lockdown in general?

"Throughout lockdown I have done a lot of running getting to know my area as I’ve only recently moved up to Scotland. I have also taken up swimming in the North Sea and have been doing it throughout Winter with no wetsuit! I take part in both Tuesday and Thursday’s morning fitness clubs, which are sometimes very tough - my legs don’t love it all the time!" Victoria C (Lower 6)

USKMChallenge 5 LS“I took up yoga which I have been thoroughly enjoying. I have also tried to work out several times a week as well as lots of walking. I have been doing lots of runs and setting myself goals that I wanted to achieve.” Grace G (Lower 6)

“I find it motivating to run in the morning as it gives me less time to think about it beforehand and means I feel energised for the rest of the day. Yoga in the mornings has also been a great way to keep me relaxed during lockdown!” Georgie M (Upper 6)

“Every lunchtime I walk to my dog an hour or so. I find this a great way to get away from my desk and re-focus for the afternoon whilst enjoyed some fresh air. I also am trying to focus on strength and flexibility work, and I am really enjoying practising things like yoga and Pilates. I recently ran a 5k for the first time which was incredibly satisfying to complete although not as enjoyable for me as cycling!”  Alexandra H (Upper 5)

“To stay active over lockdown in general we’re lucky where we are in that I’ve been able to get up hills with friends and our dog, I run in the mornings and have joined the fitness and yoga calls run by the PE department, twice a week.” Kenzie R (Upper 5)

How have you kept yourself motivated to exercise? Has it been easy or difficult?

“I stay motivated to exercise because I know how good I feel afterwards - “You’ll never regret exercising” is my motto! Sometimes, I don’t feel like going outside for a run (especially if it's raining!) but what often helps me is to set myself a goal of how far I want to go and stick to it, lay out my exercise clothes ready for a run the night before, allocate time in my to-do list for some exercise and put on a motivational playlist with all my favourite songs.” Amy U (Lower 6)

“I have found it quite hard to keep myself motivated during this lockdown compared to the first one. Despite this I have found that going on walks with my friends has been an enjoyable way to get me outside and exercising. Although I am reluctant to start a workout, once I have completed it, I feel much better and more motivated to do work!” Cara F (Upper 6)

“Before this current lockdown I did not really do much exercise at all, and I made it my resolution for 2021 to change that. I have found by chasing PBs and getting competitive over my performance I did not find it hard at all to get on the bike. I think what has really helped me to enjoy exercising has been making it work for me, and by keeping my goal of increasing my fitness and strength at the forefront of my mind. It was around about the challenge when I really started to look forward to exercising, whether that be a 45min hard cycle or a core workout. The challenge really ignited my competitive side, and I enjoyed adding my parent’s distances too.” Alexandra H (Upper 5)

“Motivation to exercise hasn’t been too difficult. Getting out is nice and running clears my head. I feel much better during and afterwards which has definitely helped me in general during lockdown, and the thought that this second wave hasn’t been as long; so we’ll hopefully get back to sports in school in the near future.” Kenzie R (Upper 5)

Well done once again to everyone who contributed to the Kilometre challenge; pupils, parents and staff!


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