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27 May 2021
Houldsworth Weekend 22 & 23 May

HHweekend sIt has been another jampacked week at Houldsworth, with a spa night, face painting, pottery, and a trip to the Escape Rooms!

Over the last few days, the girls have been creating a variety of items out of clay: from mushroom pots to jewellery plates to ever so slightly creepy fingers. There is something so soothing in smooshing clay around and sculpting it into various creations; it has been the perfect activity to destress after the assessments! Earlier in the week we had one of our Houldsworth spa nights which progressed from face masks to face paints and by the end of the evening we had another house dog and Santa even paid us a visit (until the paint was washed off).

To top it all off, we took a trip to the Escape Rooms on Sunday. All our teams made it out at top speeds and it’s somewhat reassuring to know that if there were an apocalypse or a large quantity of stolen jewels dumped at the boarding house, our girls would be able to see us out safely.


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