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28 May 2021
Upper 4 Project Week

PowerPylons sInstead of following the regular timetable, Upper 4 had a week where we all worked together in Lower School and had classes together. Dr De Ville was generous enough to teach us about energy and the future. It was a fantastic experience for all of us because our entire year group got to spend more time together. For many of us who had previously attended lower school, returning let us recreate our old memories, as we had missed out on loads due to Covid-19. We had a booklet of 14 sections which covered different topics and activities, for example, the maths of electricity and the Cruachan pump storage power station.  

The last topic we did was an individual project which had a wide range of selections to choose from. Personally, I took an interest in the electricity and environment project which included the impact on the environment from coal-fired power stations, nuclear power, hydroelectric power and wind generation. 

I'd like to thank Dr De Ville on behalf of Upper 4 for preparing the project week and allowing us to take a break from the normal school routine.

Tabitha (U4Y)


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