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24 Jun 2021
Painting for Defib Challenge

DefibDragonThe upsetting scenes witnessed on live television last weekend at the European Football Championships, when Danish player Christian Eriksen went into cardiac arrest and was only saved thanks to timely intervention of the medical staff, caused us to think about our own life saving equipment and its availability should the worst happen - for our students and staff, but also for members of the wider community who frequently use our facilities. In this particular instance, had the medical staff not reacted quickly, firstly in administering CPR and then with the defibrillator, Eriksen would have undoubtedly lost his life. Thankfully, he is now on the road to recovery.

At St George’s we currently have one defibrillator located centrally in Upper School and are in the process of acquiring another to serve the pavilion and pitches. Each unit is expensive to purchase initially and to subsequently maintain; that’s why we are hoping to harness of collective power and togetherness of our fantastic school community and raise the funds to purchase a third defibrillator exclusively for Lower School use, as well as have some in reserve to fund the upkeep of all of our defibrillators across the site.

The fundraising challenge is this: myself, Andrew Roache (Teacher of Physics) and Peter Verrecchia (Head of Pastoral Care) request your generous support in doing a 24 hour painting challenge. We are all keen miniature painters in our free time and are going to get together during the holidays to paint wee plastic models non-stop for 24 hours, only allowing ourselves short food, comfort, and exercise breaks. It’s not climbing Kilimanjaro or swimming the channel, but it‘ll be a test of endurance, concentration and if we can bear to be in the same room as each other for a whole day, all in the name of a good cause. We will be posting hourly updates on the staffroom team on the day of the challenge, and might even set up a 24 hour teams call for people to drop in and offer their encouragement. The plan of what we will paint is still taking shape, but the hope is to do a small scale scene of St George fighting the dragon, with a modern twist. Keep an eye on the fundraising page for updates.

Any donations towards our initial funding goal of £1000 would be very graciously received on behalf of us, the school community and anyone else who may benefit from the installation of this life saving equipment. But this £1000 target is not an upper limit. With the support of staff, students, and parents, we hope to smash this target to secure ongoing provision for this life saving equipment on our site.  The hope is that it will never be needed.

The link to the Just Giving funding page is here.

After Just Giving have taken their administration fees (2.9% +25p per donation), absolutely everything raised will go towards the purchase of a third defib machine for the Lower School site and anything left will be kept in a fund designated for the upkeep and maintenance of all of our defib equipment across the school site e.g. battery changes every few years etc.

Thank you for your support.

Adam Clarke (Teacher of German)

Andrew Roache (Teacher of Physics)

Peter Verrecchia (Deputy Head Pastoral)


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