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13 Oct 2021
Remove Author Visit

AnnaJamesOct2021 3 sThe Remove Reading Challenge invites pupils to read the same series together over half term and complete activities in a challenge booklet. Anna James, our Patron of Reading, visited on 4 October to launch the challenge in person.

Remove were lucky to get a visit last week from the Author Anna James. She is the author of the series of 'Pages and co'.

We all gathered together in the hall where we learnt a bit about Anna and where she came from. She spoke about where she got the ideas for the books she has written. She told everyone how much she liked reading and that she wants to own a bookshop. She particularly likes a book shop in France called Shakespeare and co. We got to participate in a group activity where we started to write our own beginning to our very own story.

AnnaJamesOct2021 12 sWe also found out a little bit about each of Anna's books in the series of 4. The first book is about a girl called Tilly whose mother mysteriously disappears. Tilly has been brought up by her grandparents and her grandparents own a bookshop. Tilly realises that she can do a special thing called book wandering. I am reading the book and so far, I think it is great, it is quite mysterious. I think it is a really good book and I would recommend it.

It was so exciting meeting the author, I enjoyed it a lot. We were very lucky to get our own book from Anna and we managed to get them signed.

Neve & Ish (Remove)


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