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20 Dec 2021
Primary 5 Swimming

P5Swimming2021 sEvery Tuesday, Primary 5 get their swim bags with goggles, swimming hat, swim costumes and a mask. After we have get our bags, we line up and get our masks out before we get on the coach to Drumsheugh swimming pool.

When on the coach, we sing our nativity songs on the way there and back. It takes 5 minutes to get there and line up. When inside Drumsheugh building we take off our shoes and we go down to the swimming pool and get changed with a friend in the cubicles.

We sit down at the edge of the pool until everyone is ready. When everyone is ready, we slip into the pool and do warm-ups like jumping up and down and touching the bottom of the pool, holding our breath and sitting down under water. After we go into our groups, and we start swimming around the pool breadth and length ways. There are 4 groups and each has a PE teacher to help them.

Then we hop into the shower for 2 minutes get changed and get back on the coach, back to school to do our next lesson.

Macy, Anushka, Isobel and Laurie


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