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28 Jan 2022
Solids, Liquids and Gases in Primary 5

zoo sPrimary 5 are learning about solids, liquids and gases. Last Friday we did a small experiment. It included a syringe, sand, water and air. The first thing we put in the syringe was air. We put our thumb over the nozzle and pushed the plunger. Around a quarter of the air was squeezed into the syringe. Next, we put water into the syringe and squeezed again. About an eighth was squeezed into the syringe. Lastly, we put sand into the syringe and again covered up the nozzle. This time we couldn't squeeze the sand at all.  

After our syringe experiment, we did an activity. The activity involved running around pretending to be different molecules. First, we were solids. Everyone in P5 had to gather together to pretend to be something very hard. Then we had to be a liquid and were still quite close together, showing that a liquid could flow. Lastly, we were a gas and could run around the playground. This showed that the molecules of a gas were free and could float about. 

Fleur and Hollie Primary 5

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