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02 Feb 2022
Primary 6 India Topic

srikanth d ReUUh61x1qQ unsplash s2"In P6 we are learning about India. It is a really interesting country to study as it has so many different landscapes, climates and cultures. We have learnt a bit about Mumbai, which is the city I was born in. Mumbai is on the Western coast of India and is a busy commercial city. With its humid climate, most of their months are hot and, in some months, they have the monsoon. In Mumbai, there are lots of historical buildings such as the Victoria Terminus Gateway of India and the library. The most widely played sport in India is cricket. We learnt about the dabbawallas in Mumbai who deliver food to workplaces and schools. They are amazing people because many of them can’t read or write but they hardly ever lose anyone’s lunch!"

Aarna Primary 6

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