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14 Feb 2022
Lower Four PSE – The Samaritans

Last week, the Samaritans came to St George’s and spoke about stress and emotions. They spoke about things that might make people feel insecure, worried, sad, depressed, or anxious.

We then spoke about how we can manage these emotions. They asked us about hobbies that we enjoy doing that makes us feel happy and excited, or get rid of the stress and anxious feelings we might have. We spoke about who we can talk to if we feel worried or sad. A couple of suggestions were our parents, family members, siblings, friends, teachers, and the Samaritans. All safe, trusted people you can tell your worries to.

After the discussion about worries, they then told us a story about a girl. The girl started her day happy and cheerful, then her day got worse. Small events happened that made feelings started to turn into sadness, confusion, anger, anxiousness, and worry. They told us to imagine that the girl was wearing a rucksack and each worry she thought is like another stone going into her bag. Her bag gets heavier and heavier until it is unbearably heavy and so hard to carry.

It was an interesting talk about the feelings a person can have, and why they may have these feelings. It gave a lot of perspective on how we can have so many emotions bottled up and not tell anyone. The story made us understand how emotions can pile up and weigh you down.

At the end they gave us out cards to take away with us which say, “No problem is too big or small.” It really helped the year group to understand that even though someone may look happy and cheerful they could also be carrying that bag.

Sophie, Lower 4

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