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22 Mar 2022
Bilingualism Matters Seminar
On Tuesday 15th March, St George's hosted a Research Seminar on "Bilingualism Matters" led by Prof. Antonella Sorace who is an expert in this area. This was our first "live" seminar in over two years due to Covid restrictions and everyone was grateful to be able to learn again in this more natural way: through listening, processing, questioning and discussing. Teaching staff from the St George's community and beyond listened while Prof Antonella dispelled many of the myths around bilingualism and presented the evidence on the numerous benefits to other areas of learning.
One of the most interesting ideas coming through was the vital  importance of going beyond seeing language as just a coded way of communicating and instead fully celebrating and embracing the cultural dimensions of language and how those affect a sense of identity. This is particularly important as the rate at which minority languages are dying out is quite shocking. Anyone who would like to learn more about issues to do with bilingualism can visit the website:
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