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26 Apr 2022
Houldsworth Appreciation Tree

Julia, our Head of Boarding, suggested that the boarders share what they like about living in HH and how it has helped them. These thoughts were written down on paper hearts and placed on a small tree in the dining room for all to see. Below are some of the lovely comments that the boarders wrote about Houldsworth:

  • “Houldsworth has made me more independent with my schoolwork and made me feel more organised”
  • “Everyone is very caring, and it is a great environment to be in”
  • “I met my best friend in Houldsworth, and the houseparents are nice”
  • “Feels like home”
  • “Amazing houseparents, I enjoy being around my friends 24/7, the food is great and it's easy to get to school”
  • "All the Houldsworth houseparents are really nice and friendly."
  • "Food is nice, houseparents are caring, met some great friends."
  • "Houldsworth has allowed me to become more independent and challenge myself. I have been given a great support network"

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