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17 May 2022
Primary 4 Visit The Birds of America

04As part of our topic ‘Vertebrates’, the Primary 4 girls went to the National Museum of Scotland on Thursday, 5th May. Most of us went on the School minibuses but some girls went in a taxi.
When we arrived at the museum, we first went to see the special exhibition about the life and works of an American artist called Audubon. The exhibition was about his collection titled 'Birds of America' which is one of the rarest books with complete volumes remaining to this day. We enjoyed going through the exhibition, looking at his drawings and watching two video clips. One was about Audubon's life and his connections to Edinburgh. The other one was about the importance of looking after our world and doing our bit to stop global warming to save the different bird species from extinction.

Next, we went to explore the animal section. We loved looking at the amazing animals such as the giant crab and the giant panda. However, some of us did not like seeing the stuffed animals!

We also managed to squeeze in a quick visit to the other connected building to look at the Roman artefacts, as part of our current school topic. We saw the Roman military equipment and also a collection of their silverware. It was interesting to learn that some of the items were discovered in East Lothian! One of our favourites was a pot of coins discovered in Falkirk. It was such fun going on a school trip again. We loved it!


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