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28 Jun 2022
First Impressions of St George's

Three new boarders have recently joined us in Houldsworth. We caught up with them after their first week and asked them how they are getting on:

87"I am from France and my first week at St George’s and Houldsworth has been better than I thought. I’ve made more friends than I had thought, the teachers have been nice, and some have spoken French with me! I like Houldsworth and my room. Speaking with everyone is nice and they are helpful. The first day was different because I needed to speak and understand English all day, but I was able to try and learn. The common room in the boarding house is kind of a safe place for me. It is good for the autonomy (we still get some help). I am learning how to do my laundry!"
Upper 5 boarder from France

"I’m from Italy and my first week at St George’s has been very good and I’ve felt very included, making new friends. Some classes are easier than others, but the teachers are all very supportive. School here is very different from Italy and for certain aspects I think it's better. At Houldsworth, the building, my bedroom and the bathrooms are very nice, and the food is also very good. I really enjoy staying at Houldsworth and I particularly like being able to stay with other people but also having my own privacy when I need it."
Lower 5 boarder from Italy

"I like Houldsworth, there is nothing I don’t like. I like the toast and the milk machine. I like having warm milk, Mrs Gray warmed it up for me. Rocky road is good too for after-school snack.
I had a shower which I liked; it was warm. I am looking forward to my friend Jennifer coming tomorrow. I am happy that Jennifer and I are the only P6 people. It makes it more special because none of our friends from school come here.
I have read all the Mallory Towers books about a boarding school and some of the things feel the same but Mallory Towers has a swimming pool and Houldsworth doesn’t!"
Alina, P6


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