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19 Jan 2017
Growing Up Digital

Growing Up Digital 250wThe Children’s Commissioner for England published the recent report - Growing Up Digital. This is the work of the Growing Up Digital Taskforce, which makes several recommendations to improve childrens’ experiences of using the internet. The report is an interesting read and will undoubtedly worry some who read it, as it maps out the trend for our children being online for an ever greater proportion of the week as they grow up in our fully connected society, along with the dangers that are ever present. Please do remember, “The internet is an extraordinary force for good but it is not designed with children in mind”, Growing Up Digital.

There are many positive recommendations within this report that will take time to be implemented, but one item that I wish to draw to your attention is the reworking of Instagram’s terms and conditions. The report recognises that terms and conditions on all social media sites are far too complex for most children to understand. Taking Instagram as an example the law firm Schillings has drafted a simplified version of the terms and conditions at an appropriate reading level for children.

If your daughter is using a social media site, then I would recommend that you discuss this document with her.

For further information on Internet safety, please refer to the ThinkUKnow website.

John Hughes
Head of Faculty:Technologies
St George's School for Girls


Instagram’s terms and conditions

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