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24 Jan 2017
Nuffield Research Placements

Science Lab Logo 160wLast summer, the support of a parent contact allowed Stephanie (a very talented and grateful Higher student) to complete a Nuffield Research Placement. These are usually approximately 4 week-long projects on a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) topic, based at a university, research establishment or in industry.  Stephanie's project was on data analysis of the mating habits of penguins. She has learnt so much about planning, data analysis (and perhaps penguins!), and she has also gained an insight into research, personal organisation and collaborating in a team. 

Unfortunately,  our students need to find their own project providers. At the moment there are 5 students keen to take part and only one definite offer of a placement. So if you or someone you know works in any scientific field and would be willing to supervise a short research project over the summer holidays, please contact Joelle Nicholson (

More information can be found at

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