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26 Jan 2017
BBC Radio 2 500 Word Story Competition

BBC Radio 2 500 Word Story Competition 160wPrimary 6 has been writing stories for the BBC Radio Two 500 words competition. We are writing short stories that are 500 words or under. We can do funny, happy, sad, horror, sci-fi or romance, it is our choice. The launching of 500 Word was on Monday 16 of January. We took part in a very exciting live lesson to get us going. Writing 500 words is fun but it is difficult to be limited by the words. We have had fun doing it and we are really excited about emailing our stories to the competition.

By Esme and Maira

500W 1 160wPrimary 6 are doing a 500 word competition. We have had to write a short story with 500 words. It was launched on Monday the 16th January. Everyone was really excited and couldn’t wait to start. We all wrote different stories. Some of the genres were horror, comedy, action, adventure, thriller, romance and sci-fi. We had to think carefully about plot, character and setting. We also had to make sure that we didn't waste any of our words. It was quite challenging to only write 500 words or under. Overall we enjoyed it loads and we hope we win!

By Nimi and Arabella

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