02 Feb 2017

Little Owls’ International Week

Little Owls Int Week 160wThis week in Little Owls, we travelled to different countries as part of our international week and we have still two days to go before the end of our journey. On Monday, we were guests at a Greek wedding! The bride wore white, a veil and beautiful sparkly shoes. The groom was dressed in black and led the “Isaias” dance at the wedding ceremony while the priest, with her long black hat, gave the couple her blessing. We all danced happily to the music of the Greek stringed instruments and ate some Tzatziki.   

On Tuesday our magic carpet took us north, to Sweden. Our Swedish teacher, Miss Turid, read a traditional Swedish story about a boy who was looking for a friend. The colours of the book mesmerised us all and we were very happy that our little hero found a friend after all. We all enjoyed eating a ginger biscuit and tasting some rosehip soup.

On Wednesday, we stayed in Scotland! We arrived in the nursery wearing a touch of tartan and went straight into our first Highland dance lesson. We listened to poems written by famous Robert Burns and sang the ‘The Three Craws’ and ‘Ali Bali Bee’.  We had some vegetarian haggis for snack and handmade scones!

We cannot wait to celebrate Australia Day and Chinese New Year!

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