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10 Feb 2017
6 Nations Rugby Scotland Vs Ireland

On Saturday 4 February it was the Six Nations rugby match between Scotland and Ireland. It was the first time I have seen so many supporters actually arrive at the stadium to support the visitors. It was very dramatic and it really shocked me during the opening when both sides sang their anthems. All the people sang very passionately for their own country and it was amazing.

The first half started off really well for Scotland and it ended with the score 21-8. All the Scotland supporters were delighted. During the second half, the Ireland team started to catch up with Scotland, even surpassing Scotland and reached the score of 22. The Scotland supporters were shocked and angry. I remember some of the fans sitting in front of me got very passionate in their actions and were shouting and yelling. It was really intense. Around the last 10 minutes of the match the Scotland team managed to get 2 penalties and won the match with 27-22. It was undoubtedly a fantastic and nail-biting game.

By Edith, L6

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