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20 Feb 2017
Digital Exchange with Ohio

Ohio State Flag SQ 160wRemove are doing a digital exchange with a school in Ohio in our Geography lessons. We are learning about the UK and they are learning about Ohio and we are swapping information by email. Their school is called Columbus School for Girls. 

We asked some questions about Ohio. Some of these were:

  • where is Ohio?
  • what does their flag look like?
  • what is the population and what language do they speak?

They emailed back and taught us that the capital of Ohio is Columbus and their population is 11,353,140. They also asked us some questions about the UK. One of the questions they asked us was about the population of the UK. We sent a reply answering their questions and telling what we have learnt about the UK. We are looking forward to learning more about Ohio.

Izzy, RP

where is ohio located flag 584w

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