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02 Mar 2017
My First Experience at Murrayfield

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On 25 February I went to my first rugby match in Scotland, Scotland vs Wales at Murrayfield Stadium. When we first arrived I thought it was a bit crazy as there were people everywhere and you had to weave around them just to find the stand you were in. I am used to this because I have been to many rugby games before in my home, New Zealand, and this was a Six Nations game so I wasn’t expecting a small crowd. When I first sat down with some girls from the boarding house, I noticed the people with face paint, flags and crazy costumes. It was cool to see the impact that a Six Nations match had on people and how they really went all out to support their respective teams. It was incredible.

The atmosphere was amazing; during the game you could hear people chanting “Scotland” and “Wales” at each other and when either team scored there were roars and cheers. It showed me their spirit, the pride that these people have in their teams and for the sport, and also how they support their respective rugby teams. My experience was topped off with the Scotland rugby team winning for the first time in 10 years against the Welsh team, which was very special for all the Scottish fans. It was an amazing event I won’t ever forget.

By Grace, L6 exchange student

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