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08 Mar 2017
P5 at the Merchiston Maths Fun Day

On Thursday 2 March, we went to the Primary 5 Merchiston Maths Fun Day. Our team was Saskia, Christine, Katherine and Alannah. There were 32 teams there. Once we had signed in, we had a juice and went upstairs for our first quiz. We were given a sheet that had two sides. One called Puzzle 17 and the other 'Who has the crocodile?'  We could do this sheet any time throughout the morning so if we finished another activity quickly, we could go back to working on the sheet. The questions were quite hard and a couple of them were trick questions but we got a total score of 50 points for our work.

There were a whole set of activities in the big hall and we worked on these as a team of 4. Each station had a different task. On one, we had to arrange yellow, blue and red circles and triangles on a grid but they all had to be different. After that, we had a square with mini number squares from 1-18 that we had to slide into order. We got to about 13. Next we had to make different shapes with only three tangram pieces – we got all of them except the last one. We didn’t do so well in the Rush Hour game but we got the highest score in Flow. We also had pyramid puzzles and more number games to do.

Later in the afternoon, after a very nice lunch, we went back to the hall for the final activity. We were split into two pairs and when one pair finished a maths question, they would take it back to the teacher who would give them the next question to take to the other pair. The questions were quite hard but some of them we knew straight away.

As we were doing our tasks, one of the Merchiston teachers came round asking us for jokes. Soon after that, another teacher came round and asked some extra maths questions. If you answered them correctly, you got a bonus point for your team.

When the final whistle went, we all had to stop and the scores from the whole day were added up. The teacher handed out prizes to the three schools that were in first, second and third place. We had a great day and it was lots of fun. When we met up with Mrs Sinclair at the end, she told us that we came in sixth place, and we’re really happy about that!

Saskia, Christine, Katherine and Alannah, P5

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