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21 Mar 2017
What A Weekend For The St George’s School Curling Team!

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Last weekend, for the first time in the school’s history the St George’s Curling team competed in the Scottish Schools Curling Championships finals.

After qualifying as one of the top two schools in Edinburgh along with Stewart's Melville college we were invited to compete over three days at the Braehead Ice Rink in Glasgow, alongside the best 24 schools in Scotland.

All of the teams were split into a section of six schools, competing in five, two hour games, over the first two days of the competition.

All of the teams hoped that they could do enough to qualify in the top two positions of their section to reach the quarter finals on Sunday morning.

For our team it was an early start on Friday morning, all of us riding high on the excitement of missing a day of lessons. We were all up extra early to check out the competition for the day.

First up was Stranraer Academy who had managed to qualify three teams across the different sections for the Scottish Schools making us aware that they were going to be tough to beat, and would not be going down without a fight. After an extremely close match our skip Holly was forced to draw the final stone into the 8 foot. Sadly, her nerves got the better of her as her draw was just a couple of centimetres too long. However we walked away with a draw of a 9-9 score, but had won 5 ends to their 3 placing us higher up in the league table and third in the section table overall. So not a bad start for us.

After a brief rest it was on to Lossiemouth High School who were sitting top of our section. Now this would be the team for us to beat. After two hours and a lot of hard work both mentally and physically we came out with a loss, 10-5. Lossiemouth had proved that they were a strong team and so we would have to do a lot better in our subsequent games if we were to qualify for Sunday.

After a well-earned dinner and a good team chat, we took to the ice for the final time that day, with the hope of a win. A late game running from 8pm to 10pm took all our energy as we competed against Beath High School. After being four down after the first end we refocused and kept our heads up. Our opposition did not expect this of us which was why we managed to take them by surprise in the second end by taking back a 3 and proceeding to take a 2, another 2 and then three 1s, meaning we managed to walk off the ice with a 10-4 victory, and another 6 ends to our name. The excitement of our win kicked in and we knew that we were sitting around the middle of our league at this point with a win, a draw and a loss to our name. We spent the rest of the night in high spirits but sat down and worked out a plan for the following day to ensure that we would be able to get another two wins to our name.

On Saturday morning after a much-needed long lie, we took to the ice knowing it would be a tough road to qualifications. We expected a close and hard game against Perth High School and found this out in the first end when there were three stones left to be delivered, our team were placed 5th. We managed to take one in the first end and kept increasing the score gap between them and us. After the first end we played a strong game and St George's managed to collect another win to their name; we walked off with a 10-5 victory after 7 ends, 5 of which were ours.

On the Friday and Saturday we had been taking each game as they came, but had worked out that our next game was crucial as we had to win it to be able to qualify for the quarter finals.

We went on to beat Dalbeetie Academy 10-4 in our final match of our section games to take us to the top of the leader board. This meant we had qualified for the quarter finals on Sunday morning against Kelso High School, with the advantage of last stone.

After travelling to the rink for the final time on Sunday morning, it was an extremely tight game with many fantastic stones played from both teams, but 8 gruelling ends later Kelso High School came up on top winning 9-7. We were very happy with how we had performed over the three-day competition and thoroughly enjoyed playing against other schools from across Scotland. This was a wonderful experience that we will treasure for a long time. We are now extremely proud to know that we are fifth equal in Scottish Schools.

The team would like to thank our families, especially the side-line supporters and Paul Davis our coach who all supported us through the weekend (plus Miss Kerr and the St George's twitter page) we have been very grateful for the backing we have received from the school and look forward to seeing the progress over the next few years for the St. George's Curling team.

Many thanks, 

Holly - Skip (U6), Becky – Third (U6), Anais - Lead (U6) and Ellen - Second (U5).

For all those keen to try curling, there are training sessions most weekends throughout the winter months. They take place at Sunday mornings at The Edinburgh Curling Club, Murrayfield at 08:30 for those who would like to try curling. Adults wanting to throw a stone or two can come to a try curling session too. Dates are available on the Edinburgh Curling website,

Any enquiries please ask Miss Benson,

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