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23 Mar 2017
Boarding Assembly and Open House

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Stephanie and I were in charge of organising the boarding house’s first ever assembly and Open House. The assembly was on Monday 13 March, and we decided that we would do a video of what life is like as a boarder. Making the video was lots of fun, and many of the girls rushed to be in it! Zain was our saviour and edited the video for us.

In the assembly we focused on the benefits of having a structured prep time; everyone does their homework as everyone else is working. Our Wi-Fi is turned off at 10pm, which usually ensures we finish most of our prep by 10. The boarding house is so close to school that there really is no excuse to be late because of traffic, no matter how often we may try! We also have a huge say in what happens in the boarding house, with committees for activities, food, IT and charities.

The Open House was on Monday 20 March, and students interested in boarding over exam leave, flexi-boarding, or just boarding in general were welcome. It was a great success and there were many visitors. We would like to thank the all the guides who helped - we would not have managed without you!

By Tara, U6

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