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23 Mar 2017


On Monday 13 March, five girls from the P6 year group went to the Edinburgh City Chambers to take part in the Euroquiz 2017 competition. The Euroquiz team were Heidi, Charlotte, Zumrad, Clara and Maira. We travelled to the City Chambers in a school minibus and we were very excited. When we arrived we went to the reception desk and were given security passes to enable us to enter the council chamber. The City Chambers building was very beautiful. Heidi, Zumrad, Charlotte and Clara went to their team seats. After that, all the teachers were asked to swap tables and mark a different school's answers. They had to hand them in so that the judges could count the scores up. The team had to answer a series of questions in 4 rounds.

1: Geography
2: European Languages
3: The European Union
4: General knowledge

The girls had to put their minds together to answer the questions and think really hard about all the research that they had gathered at home and what the right answer could be. The scores were marked while the children ate their snacks and juice. Once the scores had been added up, the school that had the highest scores went through to the head to head and the two schools that had the same scores (Sciennes and Preston Street) went into the tie breaker round. In the tie breaker round they answered ten questions and Sciennes went into the head to head against Bruntsfield Primary school. Once they had answered five questions each they had the same scores so they had to have another tie breaker round. After the second tie breaker round the overall winner would go into the final in the Scottish Parliament against the winners from the other parts of Scotland.  

Heidi and Zumrad, P6Q    

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