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23 Mar 2017
Careers News - Mar 2017
Careers Red 2017 160wOxbridge Academic Programme Success 

We are delighted that Anna in L6 has been awarded an exceptional merit scholarship for the Oxbridge Academic Programme held at Columbia university, USA, from July - August this summer. Anna attended a lunchtime session in the Careers Base last term, was inspired by the Programme's representative and worked hard on her application. She will be studying creative writing and following a criminology course as her minor. The scheme attracts able students globally and she looks forward to making new friends and expanding her horizons. Well done, Anna, for having sought out and achieved this amazing opportunity!

New York Film Academy - An Active Visit! 

The L5 GCSE Drama students enjoyed the creativity and energy of Tom, a British film actor who spent his post grad year in New York, and who led a workshop on 21 March. A lunchtime session followed, where Jazmin, the associate director of UK recruitment, gave an inspiring talk to students of all ages interested to hear more about this film academy with campuses throughout the world, which places emphasis on practical application and teaches all aspects of the craft. Both hands-on degree programmes and short term workshops are available, the latter including 4 and 8 week workshops in filming, acting for film, musical theatre, animation, photography and broadcast journalism. Tom was happy to share tips about auditioning for drama school. 

Business Consultant Shares Her Expertise 

IT/ Business Consultant, Tracy Hill, addressed interested business students at a lunchtime session on Friday 10 March. She has worked in IT consultancy throughout her career and talked through the stages involved in an IT project, including Business Analysis, Business Consultancy, Project Management and Technology Consultancy. Tracy told us:  

"Organisations are always changing. Retail companies need to keep up with their competitors. Banks and Finance companies need to comply with ever changing government rules and regulations. Councils are always looking to make cost savings. Any change within an organisation means changes have to be made to people, to business processes and inevitably to technology. IT Consultancy is all about helping organisations to make these changes."

We are really grateful to Tracy for giving her time, sharing her knowledge and offering work experience to an enthusiastic participant of the session.


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