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30 Mar 2017
Scottish Love in Action Talk to the Primary 6 Girls

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All of Primary 6 had an India talk in Lower School with Gillie and Scott who were the speakers from Scottish Love in Action.  

First Gillie talked about how the people of India welcome their guests by first saying Namaste and then giving them a flower garland, while a boy retrieves a coconut and throws it down for the host to catch. Then a man with a big knife cuts the top of the coconut and gives it to the guest to drink the coconut water. Dr Molyneux was given the flower garland and coconut.

SLA logo 250wThen Gillie talked about SLA (Scottish Love in Action) which is her charity which helps many homeless children get an education. Children who have no family in India scavenge for materials such as polystyrene, tin cans and plastic bottles which they then sell for money for meals.  Also, the weather can affect the land and many homes with it. SLA has made a home and school for children and babies who have no parents or whose parents cannot look after them because they are begging on the streets. In some areas, these children live in simple mud huts, and they do not have clean water to wash in. When they come to the SLA school, they sleep in large rooms all together on the floor. When they wake up, they get into day clothes, wash themselves under a tap and then wash their night clothes and hang them out to dry. Gillie told us that the cost of a Mars bar would pay for three meals for one day for one child, and the cost of a Starbucks fancy coffee would feed a child for a week. The school has a medical house and they get girls to play sports. 

Scott then told us about waste management in Hyderabad. The city is crowded, and there is no rubbish system like there is in Edinburgh, so people just throw their rubbish away on the streets.  In the countryside, there will be village pigs who eat all the food waste that is thrown into the streets. Some companies have started up a sort of waste management system, and people can get a small amount of money from sorting and gathering rubbish and selling it off.  Scott told us that they get 20p for collecting 40 plastic bottles. He said that there are 28,000 children living on the streets in Hyderabad, which is the same as one in three of the school children living in Edinburgh!

Afterwards, we had a question and answer session and we found out more about how we might think about helping. Our Charities committee will discuss this next term. Gillie told us that she goes out to the school once or twice a year, and she can only take her own luggage. She cannot take gifts out with her, because everything has to go into her luggage. If she took a tiny toy, for example a dinky toy, it would be shared by about 25 children. The best way for us to help is to send money to the charity, as they can buy essentials locally. The cost of shipping things out to India would be too expensive. 

Zainab and Anaysa, P6P

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