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27 Apr 2017
Eco Day of Action 2017

Eco Day of Action 650w

On Friday 24 March it was Eco Day of Action. There were various activities going on in Lower School such as vegetable planting, Operation Clean Plate, saving energy sheets and a book swap.

On 27 March, 9 girls from P6P planted potatoes, carrots, sprouts and cauliflower.  The P6 girls wrote Fairy Tree stories.

There was Operation Clean Plate at lunchtime. This was when, if you ate all your food and cleaned your plate, you got a house token put in your house water bottle. The house with the most tokens got the golden plate. Douglas received this golden plate. For Lower School, Flora and Lucy manned the Operation Clean Plate table from 1:15pm to 1:50pm, helped by Dr Molyneux. The Junior School made some fantastic posters advertising Operation Clean Plate.

Throughout the week before Eco Day of Action, the eco committee put some green sheets on the back of the classroom doors and we filled them out, saying if we'd turned off the lights and smartboard at the end of each lesson.

The book swap was held at first break on Eco Day of Action in Dr Molyneux's classroom. It was very successful; 12 books came and 12 books went.

Eco Day of Action was fun and raised awareness of the planet and what we need to do to save it.

By Flora, L4X

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