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11 May 2017
Primary 4 Visit the History Dept

Primary 4 enjoyed a visit to the History department to learn about rationing in the Second World War and to taste some wartime treats such as potato pancakes with Spam. Congratulations to all the Primary 4 students who entered the competition to design a poster or write about their activities. Fenella Thompson made a beautiful cross-stitch to encourage people not to waste food, and we hope to display it in the Junior School.

Here is what Reene in Primary 4 had to say about the day:

We attended a very interesting talk about rationing which I thoroughly enjoyed as I love all history. When we arrived in the history department in the senior school, we sat down on chairs and tables where we could see the lovely props which were laid out for us. First off, we started to talk about the German U-boats which were submarines. The Germans used these to attack the Allied ships from below. Then we talked about the difference in the food portions in the UK. Before the war Britain was eating 55 million tonnes of imported food every year but during the war this was reduced to only 8 million tonnes. People learned to be more frugal with their food and their favourite foods were spam, home grown potatoes, eggs and carrots. There was also lots of laughter when we made buttermilk from the cream on top of milk to make scones.

Rationing table 584w

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