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11 May 2017
St Leonard's Golf Competition

On Friday 28 April, Beth from Remove, Abby from Lower 4 and I, went to the St Leonard's golf competition. It was a good day to play golf, unlike last year when it was hailing! I played in the morning. It was a different competition from usual. I had 45 shots and the aim was to see how far you could get round on the 9 hole course. After I had finished nine holes, I had played 40 shots and I had five more left.

Beth played in the afternoon and she had the same rules as me but she only had 40 shots to get round as far as she could go. She got to the end of the 9th hole.

Abby played roughly at the same time as me but she played on the big course, which had 18 holes. Her rules where different from mine and Beth's; she just played the 18 holes as normal.

The prize giving was in the afternoon; we all did really well! Abby came 25th, Beth won her competition and I won mine, too! Thank you to the St Leonard's staff for organizing it! We all enjoyed it and we would love to do it again next year-  I certainly would!

By Honor, P6Q

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