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25 May 2017
The Techno Challenge Day

Techno 650w

On Friday 28 April, Felicity, Marnie, Lucy and I met Mr Docherty at Haymarket Station and we boarded a train to go to St Andrews. We arrived at St Leonards and were then given a short introduction by one of the teachers then went to our first challenge.

The first challenge was to control a digital map of the train lines in the south west of England. It involved many puzzles like coding, the periodic table and maths.

Our second challenge was to match characters from books with their names. We also did a comprehension and a book quiz. 

Later on, we were given ten maths problems that we had to solve. They were all really hard but we managed to complete about seven of them.

After we had our lunch, we went to the science block where we were told to create a balloon powered car. That was when Horatio was born! He was made of the finest wooden wheels with axles made of straw and amazing go-faster stripes. He was technically a piece of cardboard with a horse face taped to a car but he was ours. Finally, we strapped our balloon to the car and we pumped it up. It went flying past the other cars and reached a grand total of 22 feet! We were so proud.

The next challenge was to design a catapult made of straws. We had a pretty good start having deciphered the instructions left in code. Let us just say that a straw and a paper ball do not make a very effective catapult. We failed the task spectacularly!

Exactly one juice box and two biscuits later we started the maths relay. We got quite hard problems but I ended up finding out how many hours there are in a year - 8760 hours!

At the awards ceremony we were given a goody bag and a certificate. Sadly, we did not win but as they were thanking all the schools for coming, we noticed a small pair of wheels on the award bench. It was Horatio! We were awarded a special prize for creating him.

We all agreed that it was a great day.

Emily, RP

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