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24 May 2017
Tennis verses High School of Dundee

On Saturday 13 May we played High School of Dundee in damp conditions although the rain held off in Edinburgh and Dundee. We fielded strong teams at Senior, Lower 5 and Upper 4. The 1st VI girls performed very well with a 7-2 victory. The 2nd VI team were very confident and also won confidently. The Lower 5 A team had some very long competitive games and points were very tight however St George's won overall.

In Dundee, the Upper 4 A team alongside both Lower 4 teams played some strong matches. The Lower 4 girls had some close games and managed to gain the edge with both teams winning 5-4. In the Upper 4 games, Charlotte and Anna only dropped one game throughout their three sets to help their team win convincingly, 9-0. A great morning of tennis! Well done to all girls!

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