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08 Jun 2017
P6 Zoo Visit

P6 went on a trip to the zoo on 5 June 2017. We learned about the Cycle of Life, mostly the first stage of life which is birth. Once we had arrived at the zoo we met our tour guides and were on our way.

Zoo P6 17 600w

The first animals we visited were the Gentoo penguins and their baby chicks, since it was breeding season. We learnt about how they attract a mate and what the babies first year is like. The Gentoo (and King) penguins attract their mates by bowing and hissing and the males collect pebbles for the females nest. The Gentoo baby’s first year is in between their parents legs since they aren’t ready to hunt for themselves! The next penguins we met were the King penguins (they were all staring at a wall, it was quite scary), there were six males and no females! That meant there would be no baby King Penguins this year L. The last penguin we met was called the Rock Hopper penguin, and they had their first chick in seven years! The chick was adorable, especially since it was the first one in a long time. We learnt that to attract a mate, they must be high up on the land so they will look strong and powerful. The way to get to the top is to fight your way up. Sadly, we soon had to move on to the next animal before we could learn more.

The next animal we met was… the Indian one-horned Rhino! His name was Bertus and he was 8 years old! Bertus used to have a friend named Samuer but sadly he had to move to Turkey because they started fighting for a mate! This happened because at 7 years old, Rhinos’ hormones change and they understand and are ready for a mate. Because these two were boys, their play-fighting from when they were younger turned into real fighting for a mate.  Even though there was no mate there, they live away from each other and Bertus is happy!

Our third animal to see were the Gibbons, there was a big family of them! When Gibbons are babies, their fur is blonde to blend in with their mothers' and then when they are a child their fur turns black. When a female Gibbon is an adult its fur turns back to blonde; this is because they are supposed to blend in with the babies. When a male Gibbon wants to attract a female or protect his territory, he sings a song that is ‘oorahs’ that get higher and faster as it goes on.

Our last animal to see on the tour was the Baboon. One of the Baboons was most likely to have a baby; you know this when their backside becomes pink and swollen. The other Baboon had not had this even with mating, so they believe she’s pregnant! The way that the males attract the female is by having a colourful backside and being big, strong and tough!

After we had finished the tour we went to the auditorium and watched an elephant give birth! Once we had said thank you and goodbye to our tour guides, we had our lunch.

After eating we went to see the pandas. Unfortunately, they were sleeping so we headed back to look around the zoo. Our favourite bit was the tiger and the tiger tracks! We watched him have his lunch and then we played in the tiger playground. We also saw many other animals that were having their fun.

We have to say, it was a lot of fun to go to Edinburgh Zoo and meet the amazing animals and learn a lot more about them and their generations, before and after!

Emerson and Tilly, P6Q

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